Fall Looks Good on Yosemite

Yosemite park has a special place in our hearts here at Mountain Home Gifts. With our store located in downtown Sonora we are about an hour and fifteen minutes to Yosemite valley. This allows us to visit the park often and we have seen this awesome place in all seasons and weather. The early signs of fall can now be seen here in the central Sierras and this particular season has Yosemite calling to us. We have long said fall looks good on Yosemite. The changing color of the black oak and dogwood leaves against the rich greens of the pines adds so much more to Yosemite. Those of us who live near the park know that fall adds something special to Yosemite. The valley is quieter. The summer crowds are gone. There is less water in the falls and they are quieter also. The valley floor hikes, like the valley loop trail or the mirror lake trail become full of autumn softness in this quiet and with leaves covering the trails. The cooler weather allows us to wear a favorite wool jacket but there are still many sunny cloudless days in the central Sierras in the fall. To us at Mountain Home Gifts, Yosemite is awesome always but in fall the valley has a special feel.