Fall in the Mountains

There are the beginnings of signs of fall here at Mountain Home in the central Sierra Nevada. The days are shorter with less time for after work hiking. The nights are getting a little bit colder. If you live on a lake you are starting to see mist above the water in the early morning.

Maybe it’s the feeling of the ending of summer that’s more noticeable and it is more noticeable at the cabin. With school back in session most are only spending weekends at the cabin not whole weeks. There are some who are doing the chores that close the cabin for the winter.

It is also the last nights  for sleeping outside on the deck. We are starting to think of plaid and wool blankets, of mugs of something warm in the evening, hot chocolate or warm tea.

Here at the store we’re working on a new display up front that includes new buffalo plaid designs. This includes a new mug, an 11oz ceramic mug in red and black plaid $10.95. Another new item is a buffalo plaid placemat. 19 by 13 inches 100% cotton $7.95.  Fall seems to make the cabin cozier. Decorating the cabin in plaid just adds to the coziness. It is this warmth at the cabin or any mountain home that calls to us even more.

1 thoughts on “Fall in the Mountains

  1. Mountain Man says:

    No question about it, Fall is my favorite season. A break from the summer heat and (hopefully) dry trails and pathways around the lake to enjoy before we need to bundle up. I’ll be in soon to get one of those mugs!

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